French Mastiff / Dogue de Bordeaux

DDBordeaux History

DDBordeauxDDBordeaux Has been breeding the Dogue de Bordeaux for over 25 years, located is Eastern Pennsylvania. Here on our farm, we have breed both black mask as well as red mask French Mastiffs, with just about every breeding since the beginning. DDBordeaux holds OFA records in the USA. We bred for size as well as temperament, favoring the black mask over the red mask. About 8 years ago, a brindle Bordeaux was born, and since 7 more, which I am now producing. Over the years, I set prices of 2500.00 a dog after setting the OFA records, which is archived to the internet at my old site www.reocities.com/ddbordeaux/ddbordeaux.html which is archived to the internet. Since that time, after the Dogue de Bordeaux was recognized by akc, I went my own way, lowering the prices not offering paperwork, which people can now afford these dogs here in the state. pricing runs from 1200.00 to 1500.00. phone 484 324 5022 email DDBordeaux@yahoo.com